March 29, 2011

What We Should Do...

Marcus Morris Markieff Morris (L) #21 and his twin brother Marcus Morris #22 of the Kansas Jayhawks appear on the bench late in the team's 98-41 victory over the Ohio Bobcats during the third round of the Las Vegas Invitational at The Orleans Arena November 26, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
if everyone hasnt figured it out yet, but i am indeed a twin and i have a legitimate reflection in the world. there is another human being walking the ground looking like me and alot of people dont even know it but i dont mind adds more fun and shock value when people actually see us together.
since it is tournament season and kansas was recently knocked out, i decided to look up the morris twins while i was bored at work and came across an article about how unseparable they are as well as how they themselves cannot find something different about them except one thing: Marcus eats yams and Markieff doesn't.......and their side burns are a little different....that's all they got lol
AND being that my sisi and i are twins and absolutely love sports, i think it would be great if we interviewed them!!!!
its always funny (to me) when twins get around and chill with other twins, b/c i still look in amazement when they interact, then i think "wait, thats probably how people look at my sis and i when we're together". my sisi and i really havent been around other duos because every school we went to, we were "the only twins" so we never compared ourselves to anyone b/c we didn't have anyone. even in college, when we did go to the same school and there were other twins, we never really "hung out,hung out" with them b/c they were always together while everyone always asked where my reflection was....and even now that we are separated, i dont tell people i have a twin until they ask about my siblings.
in the article, it talked about how unseparable they are. deanna and i arent like that. we can go long periods of time without seeing each other. sure, we talk/text just about everyday but she does not need to be around the corner from me, buying the same clothes, and eating the same meal. it's unnecessary and shortens the living experience when you dont exercise your pallet. Get different things, whether it be clothes or food; everything about you doesnt have to be the same, its enough you look alike.
NOW im not bashing twins. I love them. But there is a time to grow up and live Your life and not live Our life.
Just a Thought.
Luvin' C*
&my boo Deanna
My reflection
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Anonymous said...

I like this post!!! Even though I put the twins on my blog a while ago. hehehe. lol

Diane said...

sooooooo what!!!! i did them first because i did a tattoo post and they were on THAT. HAHAHA!