April 6, 2011

Feed Me

Diane loves food. i dont know why but its all i think about and i wont be hungry but some items are worth craving. like fried calamari......
the first time i had it, i was at my neighbors 4th of july shingig. and since they are italian and own a family restaurant, there was no way i wasnt escaping without eating everything that was on my plate. and trust and believe, it was alot. thought it was onion rings at first until i put it in my mouth, started chewing, and uncle jake told me it was fried calamari. i realy didnt know what it was until my momz said squid..........i guess i'll probably eat anything, as long as i dont know what it is or was....

PS crossaints fill me up.

Luvin' C*
&not people who say they gonna come see me then don't. yo at least call me son!!!
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