April 19, 2011

These Guys

of course everyone probably knows where i work.....the game room.
now i basically look at guys' asses all day because for some reason they think its still cool to wear their pants to their ankles....
One of my bosses came in and saw this madness and told these guys to pull they pants up. they did, then pulled it back down....soon as my boss left, they started with the whole "he aint my daddy BS, blah blah blah, cant tell me what to do, blah blah blah.
no one wants to see your ass AND your balls!!!!! because when your shirt is smedium as well, you my friend, is basically exposed for ALLOF THE UNIVERSE TO SEEEEEEEEEE.
no matter how many times i tell someone i am about to kick them in their balls, they still look at me crazy and i will continue to threaten them.....
i dont kow how some of these fools are in college.
Just pull your pants up so we cant see your balls and all of your ass.
Luvin' C*
&the fine ass men that actually know how to wear their clothing in a presentable manner...

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