April 21, 2011

What I Just Saw

I had to comment on this. The past weekend was Rutger's Fest, which is basically a weekend of pure drunk students....... And if you're like me and didn't go, you probably heard all the mayhem that took place. In a nutshell, people got shot, folks got arrested, and RU Fest is basically shut down for life. I saw a video on YouTube but i couldnt embed it but if you go to this DMV'ers site you can see all the ghettoness and classless broads and boys fighting.....i really dont kow where girls like that are made and why they act the way the do and dress like they think they got some sort of style!!! PLUS girlie's hair was RED. i bet you her eyes were green....and from my understanding, these people aren't even college students. Just plain IDIOTS that ruined it for everyone else......AND my whole thing is, the police came and didnt arrest the girls ON THE SPOT!!!!!
Well its all said and done because Rutgers has had enough.
Its Over....
I've never attended one of those lovely events, maybe because i cant stand being around people who dont have a purpose (i.e. drinking and partying all day)......so i'd rather not deal.....besides, i am too mature for all that mess. you will never see me fighting a broad. EVER.
Oh well, Diane dont like being around grown kids.
Luvin' C*

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