April 14, 2011

Thought I would share.....

This video was made by John Ledbetter, a member of the Beta Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. down at Virginia State University. The song in this video is called "That You Would" by Dear Euphoria....
i posted this because i love the everything about this 3 minute and change clip...the angles, the realness, the rain, the crowd, the clean and crisp-ness, and the respect.
I loved the focus and emphasis he put on his brothers and what they are about.
you see, this video was made at Virginia State University, down south. Up north, i def dont think any fraternity or sorority could ever compare. there's really no respect/support between the groups (well on Kean's campus) and i am honestly thinking some people are missing the point of what becoming a brother or sister is all about.
i myself am not a member of a sorority and i am in no way bashing them.....this is just how i feel.
i also feel like when people "cross", they do change (this is from personal experience) and some people just dont know how to act (not all but some).
diane doesn't change for anyone (unless its my mom) lol.
Luvin' C*
& the fact that i may not be able to run on sunday because im still sick as sugar honey iced tea

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