April 17, 2011


My disconnect Fridays turned into disconnect Friday+Saturday.....
yesterday was so sucky. the rain just kept on coming and i just kept on watching movies. ALL DAY.
I was on the couch, started my laundry, and made bbq pork chops w/mac&cheese because my momz made me. NOW on this sunny but windy day, i'm @NCC in the library writing up the results of my pilot study i had to do for my experiment. i have a test tomorrow which i totally forgot about so imma crammmmmmmm all tonight and probably in the AM. meeting as well as a presentation....diane is not ready for this week. and this cold isnt helping one bit. this weekend def didnt go as planned. i was supposed to go to ESU yesterday and today i was supposed to run a race with my momz....none of which DID NOT happen. so, according to my big little brother, i came to PA to waste my gas and contaminate everybody. and that is apparently true b/c now his throat is acting up.......everybody told me to come home.so i did.....now im in trouble for it. PURE ANARCHY.
AND he ate all the vienna fingers PLUS bought pizza and aint even offer to get me a frickin slice!!!!
now im just burning time until my sis comes home from work w/my hooptie....at 7. i hope ill make it back to jersey in one piece.
and as much as i wanna go to sleep because my body feels so weak, i really cant because im so consumed with school work from pure procratination......
i'm Out.

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Melissa said...

As long as I see you at the fashion show :)