April 25, 2011

To weave or not to weave....

These are my girls.
crystal, tina, and lisa.
i love them and i always compliment them on their hair.....
I hate my hair. since i got to jersey, it's been doin its own thing and not anything of what i want it to do :( its just split ends and i hate it. all i do is wear it in a bun and call it a day. and since i run, getting a relaxer can be pointless because i sweat it out in .25 seconds.....
i want a weave but im scared lol i dont know what im afraid of....oh wait i do, i dont want my head lookin cheap!!! but im broke so i really cant invest in a good weave and maintain and take care of it properly. i would need tutorial after tutorial after tutorial to help my illiterate behind. Tina does her own hair and she does it soooo unbelieveably good. every time i see her, isay something about her hair....just this summer when we went to toronto, we went swimming and me, having my natural permed hair did not dip anything above my neck in the water, but this girl went all in!!! weave and all!!!
when i grow up, i wanna have hair like tina grant.
(PEEP her blog kids)
maybe just maybe this summer ill actually dabble in the weave world. none of that "glue" mess either. I'd like to at least keep some of my hair.
Luvin' C*
&the ladies that know how to take care of they weave correctly.
HELP ME!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

thats funny you didn't want your hair lookin cheap (lol) and i get where you're coming from on the maintaing the hair and trust me i'm kinda illiterate when it comes to my hair too! but hey im sure you'll fabulous w/ when you dab into the weave world and go all out with it when you do! :)