April 26, 2011

Utterly Confused

i posted this picture from Mediataleout.com because i am a tad confused....if you know music, then you'll know that's the handsome Lionel Richie being a caddy for his youngest daughter, Sophia (girl in the front). Now how is this girl, do you ask???
13 years old....
.i am still confused.
confused about what you ask???
Belly-button all out and what not!!! i understand its hot in California or wherever you are, but seriously people!!! if your 13 year old walked out of her ROOM looking like that, someone would've been beat, and i promise you, it wouldn't have been the parents.
And her thin scarf is not doing any justice.
i'm actually not knocking the outfit, but the fact that a CHILD is wearing it seems a little inappropriate to me.
and who would buy that mess for their kids sooooo young...
i tell ya, that's how kids get pregnant at 13, 14 years old since they start their period at about 6!!!!
Making little boys hormones go extra crazy and whatnot.goodness.
sigh. i bet kids nowadays have absolutely no clue as to what being AN ACTUAL KID means and i kind of feel sorry for them. HELL i feel sorry for US b/c THEY are our future!!!!!
i am about to start praying more often.
that my kids wont try and pull anything over on me because if i dont catch it, they daddy will and if they daddy dont catch it, my mother will THEN she'll catch them and give them a whoopin' that'll make them think once about trying to grow up too fast.
In the West Indian culture we call that being BOLD and FRESH and its basically not tolerated. Kiddies know they place. and i honestly think we (caribbean kids) are the best.
(with some exceptions)
Well, that's one post for today with a couple more to come.
Luvin' C*

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