May 25, 2011

A Day With The Hurricane.

 ^The Hurricane^

 She had a bug on her.

Today is a good day. My sister finally cleaned her closet.
Got some mch needed money.
Took a scenic drive.
And now my reflection, The Hurricane aka Cane, is making dinner.
and i just got No Strings Attached from the Red Box so all is lovely in the universe.
Plus i got cake.
Well it looks like my prayers have been answered and i start work again on friday....but its at my old job which is basically a sweatshop (not really, its just a hot ass kitchen) and i am not looking foward to it at all. they were my last resort but it is what it is and i need money.
tomorrow i'll be at Kean for a leadership conference thingy. i hope i dont bore myself to death.
anywho, i hope everyone is out enjoying their day because i know i am
Be Coo
Luvin' C*

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