May 26, 2011


I start work tomorrow and even though i am way far from being excited, it is a job and i will be getting paid:)
Today i saw my fellow leaders at a leadership conference at Kean. it was uber boring. i cannot explain. it was so boring that not even into 30 minutes of it starting, people were alseep....and by people i mean the vp of my club and a young man that EVERYONE calls Rick Ross reppin' Omega Psi Phi Fraternity vp was cool beans and rice while rick ross straight told everyone he was knocked out and not a morning person by his snoring and then waking up with an attitude every so often.....
really tho?!?
today also marked the day of people tryna get at me. i guess because its been a couple of weeks (about 3 to be exact), kats wanna come up to me tryna spit game, with the ultimate opener,
 "You work in the Game Room, right?"
My response: "Um, yes i do. so it was nice seeing you, and i hope you enjoy the rest of the workshops...."
I honestly did not want to be bothered but i guess it was inevitable given my track record.
to say the least, conversations were sparked and i guess friends were made.
Actually, no. i have a problemo with this.
why does every guy automatically assume they can have whatever they want?
honey, i can assure you it does not work in any such manner. the ending line of earlier said conversations was "So, what's up? when can i take you out?"
I am taken.
Dont worry about by who, just know he's not one to be messed with and i'll def be sure not to let you know whether or not we break up.
go buy a clue somewhere.
well, this is one of the funniest posts i've written in a while, maybe because i got the chance to venture out of Easton frickin Pennsylvania.....
i guess more stories are about to be coming out the woodwork pretty soon because kats LOVE getting on my bad side, all the way to the point where i may curse them out in person, in the safety of my hooptie, AND on this here blog.
Alright kids i am wiped out for tonight.
ya'll be good and stay safe and by safe i mean wear condoms at all times.
Luvin' C*
(last thought totally irrelevant)

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