May 16, 2011

Got Me Wondering....

Hey Allllll
The world is apparently coming to an end some time this week.....

Can you believe it?
I dont know if i do but my question to the masses is:
If the world were to end on Thursday, would you be satisfied with the life you've lived?
I can honestly say, although i am blessed to be where i am and extremely fortunate to do what i've done, i am not satisfied. Sure i'm only 21 (22 in JUNE!!!!!), but i feel like i havent done anything with my life but go to school and go to school.
I've met some extraordinary people in my time, but none that really stick around and none that i can truly call my friends.
I would like to do so much, but time, money, resources, and support (or lack thereof) is holding the kid back and got me in a funk.
i dont know, maybe i'm just in the mood to complain because i have no one here in this house in Pennsylvania to vent to and i just diagnosed myself as depressed from being bored since Tuesday.
i guess i should go eat the spaghetti my momz made even though we were supposed to be running.....
i got another post coming later.
my bed is making me sick.
Luvin' C*

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