May 18, 2011


#np Foster of the People's "Torches"
No i havent found a job yet. i honestly do not know how people prefer to depend on the government (tax payers money) to take care of them when they are damn well able (but not willing) to do so.
erks the mess outta me.
just a thought.
anyways, i will be up in Jersey tomorrow to help with New Staff Orientation. Hopefully it'll be fun and afterwards i'll get at some of my trusty contacts and see what's up or going down in Jersey.....
camera will be along for the ride.
since nothing is going on in my life, just breathing and eating :) i am very close to starting another blog. i wont be getting rid of this one because it'll be totally different, the content will be fresh and a little more personal that this one already is. i also dont think i will identifying myself because it wont bascially be self-incrimination. lol. from who you mother lol
she probably reads this because every now and again i'll post a link on my fb to my blogger and she's def on my fb. hard.
i am also on the verge of cutting off my hair. its bascially nothing but split ends and a pure headache for me. i go to salons and it looks nice for a month then.....i dont know what happens.  and its not growing so im fin to cut it all off
Luvin' C*
&not how my chest is hurting....

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