May 1, 2011

Its the First Day of May!!!!

whaddup doe??
i am busy but i have to blog.
this weekend marks the final weekend of the semester for me..YAY!!!! i been doing work all yesterday and all today but no matter how much i do, i feel like i'll never be done. I cannot wait for May 9th to come around. I went for a nice little run at Kennedy Park last night but that was kind of a bad idea because a) i dont like flies in my mouth and i MUST run with my mouth open and b)i was watching one of those episodes of 60 minutes (or whatever it was) and it was about a guy who killed girls jogging in parks. on when i finally saw no one around me with kids, i ended my run immediately. There is no way you were going to see my hooptie on the TV with reporters saying how i went missing and here is my hooptie with my gray and orange Nike kix somewhere in the bush...
No Way Jose.
I probably just jinxed myself.
Today i walked for March of Dimes in Bloomfield, NJ. Its was fun. Kids, food, music, and good ol' allergies. Oh and motorcycles. Too bad camera was out of commission once again. SIGH.
RANDOM: i think i almost always get some kind of junk food after i run. that does not sound right. At All.
So now, at THIS very moment, i am in the library, with no shoes on, playing Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters, while listening to the James Morrison station on Pandora, all the while writing my paper for experimental psychology.
Yo i am really THE best multitasker in the World.
Luvin' C*
& all the fine arse men on they bikes today!!!!!!

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