June 21, 2011


Today is my sisi's and I 22nd Birthday.
I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life, all of my beautiful family and my ridiculous friends. the ones i've known since elementary school that are still checkin' for me even though i'm in the boonies, the people i've met out here in Pa throughout my college career and my new found family out in Jersey that i've come to love over the past couple of months.
I am truly happy with the people i have chosen to surround myself with.
BUT TODAY, Cane and I did nothing birthday worthy other than make plans for our bday dinner out here in Easton. We're having a little shindig at the River Grille Restaurant. I hope, hope, hope all our people can make it. The menu looks great and i honestly cannot wait to eat,eat,eat.
22 years strong and although i complain alot, its all in good faith and totally logical
Luvin' C*
&everyone leaving comments on my blog, trust and believe i have been trying to leave comments on your posts as well, but blogger hasn't been good to me in that department and i am def trying to work around it because yous and i could def get along

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Carrymel said...

Happy birthday to your sisi! Hope you guys enjoy your time at your little shindig.