June 18, 2011

Tatt, Tatt, Tatted Up

this summer i am def looking forward to getting my next couple of tattoos:)
I want a small cross on my left wrist which can easily be covered.
Then on my inner left arm, i'll be getting "Prosper" because it represents every inch of my being.
Next will be "My Brother's Savior" along with my three brothers' names (Darnell, Gee, Imani) on my ribs under my left boob somewhere, if that makes sense.
All this to add to the first tatt i got last year while i was in Toronto, "My Sister's Keeper" and "VI XXI MCMLXXXIX"
Every time i go to the beach, i always say i'm gonna get a tatt but get so consumed with food and the water then the thought of traffic, that i totally forget all about it :(
And these that i am looking to get are all meaningful and classy, and small. I don't need anything big or spectacular.
i'll be fine.
When i do see young ladies with big tatts, i think to myself, "they are brave". First my momz would kill me, and then rip then off my skin. lol. JKJK. she would be disappointed. I also dont understand or overstand the significance of getting your entire body tatted so young......what could you have possibly been through that every single tattoo has a special meaning to you?? my ex-boyfriend had a bunch of tattoos and none of them made sense to me so i vowed never to get anything "just because".
 i only do that when i shop. 
Luvin' C*
&no one else at the moment. Guys can suck sometimes.

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Carrymel said...

I really like that cross tattoo idea. Generally I'm a fan of any small tattoo on wrists :) lol