June 30, 2011


I may be crazy but i have a thing with hands. i have just came to realize this. Everyone who knows me knows my nails are always on point (because i take careful time and effort to do them myself) and my hands are never ashy
but since i started at this crooked kitchen job again (sigh), my hands are the total opposite.
i wash my hands 24/7. i always have on gloves. its hotter than a mofo in there, and i'm pretty sure my fingers have lost their identies about fo' or five times since i started back.
I cut my nails almost twice a week because they are so brittle and soft.
My joints are usually solid as a rock, to the point no one believes they are actually my nails.
If my co-workers from Kean could see my nails now, they'd be shocked and appalled.
SoOOO this weekend, i am going to venture out to the nail salon to get some acrylics. as much as i love my natural nails, this is what it has come to until i finish out this job for the summer.
i refuse to walk around with manly looking hands lol
well they're not all that "manly looking", but i am not proud of them to say the least.
damn i should just go all out and do a "spa day" because my body needs it. between faithfully working out and this damn job, my body is taking a serious beating.
Geez louise.
and between all this, i am still trying to decide whether i should get my masters in social work (2 yr program) or go all the way and get my doctorate in psychology (5-7 yr program), when i should take my GRE's, what schools i would like to go to, oh and STILL looking for a resting place for next semester.
and amongst all the chaos, i still maintain because
I Am Just That Cool.
(oh the beach def plays a huge role in my coolness)
Luvin' C*
&PEOPLE i am still trying to leave comments on others' blogs but i cant and i am getting irritated!!!!AND the internet at my house is crazy (Still)
OH and i still love funnel cakes and my new boo, Angel Pagan (NY Mets) and even though he plays for the enemy (i am a Yankees Fan), his facial hair is Always on point........
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