June 26, 2011

Summer Nights

Damn, i havent posted since my birthday but its only because the internet in my house is possessed so now im posted at barnes and noble. this place is so cold all the time and folks lookin at me crazy because i have on sweats.....no playa, i know what im getting myself into when i come to this place.
So reflection and I's bday shindig didnt go down as planned. But we still enjoyed the night, nevertheless.

Our parents were out in VA for the weekend and decided to go to DC as well. As it turns out, it was Carnival weekend and of course there were motorcycles everywhere. my momz sent me pix of the madness. She even sent one with her on my Suzuki GSX-R600.........
While they were enjoying there time, we went to our girls' graduation party which was tons of fun. Lots of little kiddies, food, family, and cake. I loved seeing all my people being that we were all away at college. Whenever there was any kind of function, no of us were to be seen. But now that most of us (minus my sis and I) are graduated, its basically like one big happy family reunion. We've all grown up so much and i am extremely proud of what we all are about get into. We taking over the world!!!!!!
And while we were out in the Garden State, i almost always get at certain people in hopes of seeing them. One is Melissa because she almost always has time for us :) she was also at a graduation party not too far from where we were at, so we went to rescue her and chilled at the waterfront in Perth Amboy with all the spanish people. Oh and saw a couple of bikes (had to put that in there)

Luvin' C*
&look at those guns


Haze said...

The first dress is very cute and it looks so good on you. The colour looks fantastic on your skintone!


Carrymel said...

in the first pic your shoes I <3!

I'm sorry things didn't go as plan but at least you had fun! That's all that matters! ;]


Diane said...

thanks ladies but i am sorry to say, that is my sister lol we're twins. i should've captioned her lol and she def appreciates the love :)

Carrymel said...

Lol wowww! I def thought it was u! haha well you both look lovely ;]