June 4, 2011

I Got It

Last night i went out for the first time since Super Bowl weekend.And that was in February. I guess school hindered my partying ways.
i drove out the boonies of PA to be on a wild goose chase with one of my ace's, lookin for a decent enough spot to go to in Jersey. I think we must've went to about three places only to return to the first. It sucks that my reflection and i were in one car, while my girls was in another. We basicaly got separated :( and ended up at two different places. But to say the least, i still had a wonderful time at Luna Lounge. After paying only $5, my sis and i got in and my boy hooked us up with our drinks and the music started gettin right....
even though there were virtually no guys in the place, i still had a good time because we were the flyest and classiest kats in there. As always. the dance floor was my man last night.

damn its tough being fly but somebody's gotta do it.
Next time i'm goin inn with my right-hand woman, Joy and Cane of course. and we are def staying in Jersey. Going back to Pa after spending forever in the diner was something else and an experience.
we got home just as my pop was leaving for work. at 5:20 in the AM so now im in recovery mode from dancing and driving to and from.
Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus i do not work today.
Luvin' C*
&i hope everyone enjoys their Saturday.
Be Good.

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