June 8, 2011

What it is

I have been M.I.A. because i have been on my feet working for the last couple of days straight. and even though i complain about the people i work with and absolutely dread driving there (13 minutes), i always think about pay day and how i am going to distribute my monies....
i digress
you guys, let me tell you how much of a loser i am
no one gets at me.
i feel like i be pullin teeth to hear from "my people". just to say "hey, diane...whats up?? im just checking to see if you're alive b/c you know, livin out in the boonies makes you wanna slit your throat sooooo entirely bad"
oh and facebook does not count one bit. if you have my number OR bbm it is because i actually care about you enough to give you my digits (or you're a pretty important person), hit me up every once in a blue moon b/c i feel like i go out of my way to "see about" my folk w/no love in return. guess i'm not that important.
But you know what, Curty doesnt care!!!! And you wanna know why???
I dont pride myself on having tens of thousands of "friends". i keep a close circle of young ladies (probably about 4 or 5) that i know i can call to hold a decent conversation full of puns, laughter, and sarcasm. Then i have probably one guy friend (or two) that i can always get a tand they know it's not for no booty (lol).
sure it's cool to "know of" people, but i literally don't "know, know" everyone, and i truly cannot call certain people my friends because its just not frickin necessary.
and truth is, i dont want to be everyone's "friend", that's how folk get taken advantage of and get got (lip-pout like Tamar Braxton)
alright that's all i have in my head at this moment. i'm supposed to be looking up scholarships so i get hit my head to the pillow by 10....
leaves me with 30 minutes.
Luvin' C*
&not this heatwave with hooptie having no kind of A/C

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