June 3, 2011

Nothing Wrong Here

This here is Rihanna's video for "Man Down". I've heard so much criticism about this masterpiece. As a West Indian and a woman, i def can overstand what the hell she's trying to say in this video. it relates back to the song, if people even listened to it, she talks about killing a man and hence homie being shot dead in the beginning,i see why she did it. in the islands, law enforcement is not really a priority and its sad to say but she had to take matters into her own hands and i am pretty sure i would've done the same exact thing.
My thing is where kats are saying this is not appropriate for children blah blah blah. Rihanna is not raising your kids, you are. Dont let them watch it if you yourself is not comfortabe with it
the woman had an album titled "Rated
 R" for goodness sake......
go head rih. as a caribbean woman, i give this video 2 thumbs up . it makes sense and relates to the song, plus it has a story. which most, if not all, videos are lacking.
and even though she's a little on the freaky side, she is truly a freak living out all our fantasies....
Luvin' C*
&i have no idea what it is (either my computer or blogger-but i think its blogger), but this thing is too slow.
so sad b/c i have alot to say but i do not have the attention-span to go on.
Peace and Love.

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