May 31, 2011

The Beach

when i grow up and really get paid, one of the many items on my wish list is a beach house. of course, i won't be at it alone, my handy dandy side kick and ace, Cane, will be along for the ride. Today we just picked up and went. It's the day after Memorial Day and everyone was home or at least getting there so the beach was the perfect place to be.
The day started with me waking up like i had no business waking up at 9AM and walking into my sister's room with a big ole grin on my face ready to take to the sand. We got what was necessary, went to the bank, filled up hooptie's tank, and took to the road. The drive down wasn't as horrible as the drive back home. Cane had her turn with hooptie and i felt like i was going to die!!!! the way she was turning the wheel made my neck break and i forced against the door. lol. she'll probably read this and deny any wrong doing, but you know what, i overstand.its al love.

I will say this though, i hate guys who go to the beach and do not go in the water. they just go to scope out the ladies. and i understand they wanna get they pimpage on, but you cant do it when the ladies are on the beach, and not the boardwalk, especially at Belmar. today there were a couple of fellas that actually stood a chance with my sis and i but they never came on the beach, which i dont understand b/c it was free.....
the next time i plan on picking up and going to the beach, it'll probably be with one or two of my girls from Jersey or my "booski" from NY (all my guy friends are my booski's, they need to feel special i guess-lol)
Luvin' C*
&Joe Budden
That guy is hilarious AND he from Jersey...
and he fine.

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