July 11, 2011

The C's

This past weekend,my sisi and i went to jersey for Phi Beta Sigma's Crabfest weekend out at NJIT. we got there with no GPS (go Us),and had a great time. Now, i know i have astonishing legs but it seems alot of guys are getting in trouble because they like to stare.
Soon as we parked, a Que parked behind us and decided to be friendly because we had Pa plates as he did. He gave my sis a hug then turned to me and was basically talking to my legs.
his lips were literally moving while his eyes were glued down below my waste.
it was hilarious to me because a couple of weeks ago, a kid got snatched up by his momz because he just stopped and stared and last week, this kat was with his girlfriend when he gave me the look-over and she had some choice words for him.
i swear, my legs are hypnotic. what can i say, i like to stay in shape
OK back to CRABFEST. We got there entirely too late (the last two hours), but there was a lot of strollin', saw  my people from Kean, and motorcycles galore and some fine men.
then we went to see some family (cant leave out the fam when out it jersey) and went to a diner to eat because thats the only legit eatery in the garden state.
after all that was said and done, it was time for the afterparty.
Getting lost was half the story. i think it took us about 43.7 minutes to get there because of wrong turns and us thinkin we were too far in the hood AND me and honda hooptie dont play that.
another lol
the afterparty popped. of course it started off wack as all hell, but like wine, it got better with time <<<
my sisi and i have this competition whenever we go out,we see who can get the most numbers like they did in "The Wood" but its all friendly and nothing serious. i was a little disappointed in the lack of numbers i got but i will make it up when i go to CARIBANA!!!!!!!
Boy oh boy and i excited and ready to party it up with my ladies
I love being West Indian.
Luvin' C*
&one of my best summers Ever.
&oh yea, i'm single again.

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Dr. LiL said...

Did caribana in 09 Toronto that week turns it up! clubs were huge, the parade was cool, nice area, it's all good