July 5, 2011


Grill Master

Lighting the sparklers

running away from the sparkler.....

my godmomz and my godsis

two peas in a pod
Hurricane and Curdyer

Joan and my momz....i have no idea what she was supposed to be doing

the show

our street afterwards....

the big guns
all in all, i had a great 4th of july. worked, slept, ate, chilled with family and friends and got the best show....had too much fun, tons of laughs, and the grillin' was def on point (minus the fact i burnt half the dogs...shhhhh). kiddies running around and making new friends. got it in with my italian familia and my dominican fam that came out from jersey.
i loved it and had a loverly time.
i would tell yous the rest but the library is about to close at 10 which means right now at 9:45pm......
Luvin' C*


Carrymel said...

It looks like it was awesome! I didn't see one firecracker this 4th of July. . .I kinda forgot they were even involved with the holiday lol. How sad!


Raisa Hermida said...

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