July 23, 2011


I workout.
and I eat.
I probably eat wayyyyy more than i workout.
But its not really how much i eat, moreso What i'm actually eating
and what i been eating since i moved to Pennsylvania in 2005 is junk.
not even five minutes from where i reside, you will find mcD's, burger king, wendy's, pizza hut, taco bell, long john silvers, a fried chicken joint, five guys, sonic,chick-fil-a, and panera bread.
back in Lakewood,NJ there wasnt too many fast food joints so close to people's houses. all we really had was ronald mcdonald and that in itself was a treat just to get.
Now, i'm so accustomed to getting fast food, i literally get a headache trying to figure out where to go because there's soooooo many damn options.
AND there is barely anywhere to get a good workout in to work off all these "devil calories". gym memberships can be a sham, its too hot to walk any trail and end up alive, and you already know about my "track" situation......
and they wonder why america's one of the fattest countries. because we are disgustingly disgusting when it comes to quick food for little money.
i hate capitalist america.
they know how to take our de niro.
and as much as i try to cut it out completely, it never truly happens.
what i need is to make a pledge and follow it...
hell i should make a pledge for all my bad/unhealthy habits...
compulsive shopping
lack of emotions
cussing while driving
stop my pimpin' ways (lmaoooo)
and stop acting like a guy when it comes to relationships (thats a Whole nother story)
i think i'll just stick to the healthier food decisions for right now because it seems pretty doable and in my grasp.
PLUS ill be thinking of all the money ill be saving if i dont give in to temptation.....
Luvin' C*

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Tarah said...

Good luck on your junk food cleanse. lol Eating healthy isn't easy with all the temptresses like Mickey D's, Wendy's and Pizza Hut!
Cute blog, I'm following.