July 22, 2011

Drastic Change

Today the heat index has come to about 10,000 degrees lol
and of course my hair is not cooperating with me
but what's new, it never does
so since last year i have been thinking about cutting my hair extra short. it would def be a drastic change and totally unexpected of me but it must be done some time before i head back to Kean.
all i need to really do is look up a great salon to go to where i wont be wasting my money and that's pretty hard for me to find because i dont even know where to start (esp in PA)
i know what kind of style i want though....
Take a look...
Yesssss i know they are all pix of rihanna, but i love her styles and these are something of what i want. short and clean....
all i need is someone to cut me up, maybe do a little color all for a good enough price so i can shock the world
and give my hair some structure other than a ponytail
Luvin' C*

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