July 4, 2011

Stay koo

People, let me tell you...
its about to be on like donkey kong!!!!
well not really but i just like saying that.
today is July 4th and i am at b&n. i literally ran over here after work to check my emails and such. right now, there's a massive party going on with tons of kids and tipsy adults. i myself will be joining the fiasco a little later b/c im finna take a nap after i leave here.
i love motorcycles and i absolutely dislike how everyone in my home is getting next to one EXCEPT ME!!!!
how in the world is this madness possible???
i, for one, am over getting a mototcycle BUT i do not mind if my boo had one, or one of my close friends.
my life would be made.
oh and he has to like the Yankees too.
anywho i'm about to be over and out because my eyes are getting heavy and i have quite possibly the longest week of work ahead of me....
But it'll all pay off because NJIT's Phi Beta Sigma is having Crabfest:The Zoovie on saturday;) the perfect way to cap off my long ass week to come.
I'm def gonna be in there gettin' digits
Luvin' C*
&Happy Indepedence Day Folks
PS i am about to gain 10 lbs from eating straight italian food in about 2 minutes.


Carrymel said...

Ahhh I would LOVE to ride on the back of a motorcycle

*daydreams* although I'm prob too much of a chicken to actually do it, lol.

Good luck with your week ahead!


Diane said...

riding a bike is the ultimate freedom (to me). i love it