July 19, 2011

What We Do

The las two days were spent sleeping and looking for an actual track to run at. In middle school and high school, i ran track but since there isn't a team at Kean, I just run and workout out on my own. I haven't set foot on a track since i left Kean in May and in all honesty, I miss it.
I love running and being able to run around my neighborhood without getting attacked (or something of the nature) is a blessing, but i'd rather do my high knees on a track where people wont be giving me the side eye trying to figure out why i'm running funny.
Yesterday and this morning (EARLY), refelction and i made our way to area high schools, got crazy lost and although we found the tracks, they were all locked!!!!!!
So you mean to tell me, as a legit tax payer, I cannot utilize where my money is going to????
we went to NINE HIGH SCHOOLS!!!!!
every facility was locked up.
I was upset as hell.
and to add to that, all the universities in my area are private so you already know how that would turn out.
it's sad and ridiculous
But on a happier note, the internet in my area is finally fixed
Luvin' C*

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Carrymel said...

I wish I utilized the track at my college because i do love to run. I ran in high school as well. The good thing is that even though I'm an alumni, they still allow you to use the gym here :D