August 3, 2011

About That Time

I am back from Toronto and i been working ever since. i am still in recovery mode, and will be that way until i have a day off which will be on Monday BUT i still wont be able to relax because i have way too much to get done (mostly reguarding school stuff)
you see, my procrastinating ways have caught up with me and now im tryna move at the speed of light to get things done all the while getting in as much hours possible at work before i head back to Kean and live off zero sleep.
as i write thos post, im looking for any type of money to extort to pay for school
its ridiculous
and all the mayhem i have to go through JUST to be considered an in-state student is horrid
i cannot fathom
sometimes i feel sorry for my parents and how much they're shelling out for me to go to school THEN i remember i have a 3.62 grade point average and they STILL go on cruises....
but once i getback to jersey, i must get another job on top of the one i already have just because i am not a lazy bastard and i love working for everything i have.
knowing I especially deserve it, makes everything worth wild
Luvin' C*
&i am very very very upset that i cannot find my cord to my camera so i can upload my Toronto pix!!!!!!
I got motorcycle pix ppl!!!!

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Carrymel said...

That's the spirit, girl! Grind it out. Can't wait for those motorcycle pics!