August 9, 2011

After The Storm

i feel like its been  months since i posted. once again, i've done one of my disappearing acts only to come back to life and here's whats been going on:
I STILL cannot find the cord to my camera. i am pretty sure the thing just up and left and decided absolutely not to come back....
i picked a date as to when i will be going back to jersey: August 23 and the 24th is when i'll be starting work stuff back at Kean. Well the eight days before school will be pure mayhem. oh and can you believe were starting before Labor Day again!!!!! Dumb. a whole lotta Kean student are Caribbean and i know a whole lotta (including myself), will be at the Lador Day parade in Broooklyn, NY come the first Monday of September. the next day ill be dead as usual.
they cut my hours at my stupid job two weeks before i sail up outta that place!!! are you kidding me???? i need my money, ON TIME!!!!
I think i may have whooping cough lol i dont even know exactly what that is, but since Toronto, i been coughing like i smoked cigs for 5000 years and thats not a good look. at all.
Yesterday i spent the ENTIRE day at Dorney Park w/my fam from Connecticutt. THE ENTIRE DAY!!!!
even though i give Pa a bad rep, Dorney was too damn fun. it was only my second time going but i def approve. it sucked that i couldnt recover from it because i had to work at 630 in the morning like the dedicated worker i am
but dont fret, i'm off for the next two days, so ill be working out, sleeping, and trying to get alot of actual work done before any other adventure....
Welp, thats what i been up to since my last post. Where yous been at???
Luvin' C*
&curry chicken made right

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