August 31, 2011

I Love Us

This here is some of my lovely University Center Family
And I love us.
Just this last week alone, i got to know my co-workers in ways i never thought possible but it actually made us closer and that's why we are the best of all the student affairs' divisions at Kean University in New Jersey.
point blank period
and the thing i love about this particular pic is we have the newbies mixed in with the ones a stranger

I dont think Jeri Lee likes camera's too much...
Marva holding the photographer, Jenesis
and these two together make...
get it??!! if not, you suck
classes start tomorrow and im hyoe b/c i only have one and im off from work
so im getting into all these welcome back week events
and im def gon hurt someone in laser tag...
trust and believe
Luvin' C*

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