September 1, 2011

The Game

If you know me, you know i love sports and when im engulfed in it, i am not to be interrupted. i think thats understandable right.
I'm one of those people that can solve an algebraic equation and tell you what shirt to wear while watching a game.
im just that sweet.
and i dont get mad when people interrupt, just dont make it a habit (only if you're my momz or popz, other than that, yous may have to take a back seat).
So what's the point of all this....
im texting my guy friend, telling him about my current living situation and how ideal it isnt..talking about Hurricane I-frickin-Rene and how much of a joke she was to some areas (like both of ours)....all the while oozing sarcasm...then he just sends a smiley face
so i ask whats wrong..
he says nothing....just watching the game
and since i'm tv deprived i of course ask who playing, put in my two cents and said deuces becasuse i already knew he wouldnt be paying attention to what i was sending and i'd end up getting a text at 3:14 in the morning talkin about "lol" or some nonsense like that....
my thing is, you shouldve said you were watching the game from the jump and it wouldve been peaches and cream
not that the convo wasnt good but i wouldn't have expected it to be longer if i knew you were busy.
then i thought in guy-mode and realized he probably didnt want to hurt my feelings
i'm still the best
Guys are so simple and easy, i love it but then again, it always seems to backfire because they have no kind of depth
alright folks, thats all i got because my eyes are getting heavy and im waking up early to jet outta this house tomorrow morning
Luvin' C*
&my family but sometimes they get crazy

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