August 17, 2011

School Time

alright so everyone knows im moving back to jersey probably next week.....i will have no time to pack what so ever because ill be working until i dip outta pennsylvania. and since i wont be able to pack, i wont be able to shop either
even though im not bringing as much "stuff" with me as i did before, i still like to have something "new". shopping does the body good so i guess "window shopping" online isnt going to hurt my vision or wallet....but it will fuel my drive to buy (since i already bought my books...OOOPAAAAA)
AEO Suede Driving Shoe ($39.99)
I love comfy things, especially if im not gonna be living on campus. These suckas will be the ones to either be on my feet OR cooped in my car whenever need be.
Classic Watch from Forever 21 ($17.80)
This watch screams "Official", does it not???
and i am too official so its only right.
Double Layer Trousers from Zara (ON SALE FOR $9.99)
there on sale. thats all. and i love trousers......
Nine West® "Rocha" - Black
Nine West Rocha in Black
no i dont have a legit pair of black pumps.....
Oh and a couple great blazers....i already have one that i got from Express but it now has a beautiful imprint of the iron on it.
and i been stealing my momz' own from the 80's or early 90's and she doesnt seem to mind, so imma keep taking them...
well that's all i have for now until i actually hit the stores and start picking up every and anything i technically dont need.
Luvin' C*


Carrymel said...

Did you change the look of your blog?! I like it!

Diane said...

yea i did but i dont like it lol