September 12, 2011


HEYYYY ITS MY 400the POST!!!!!
I know that's not really a monumental number but ohhhh welll
There'll be no dedication, just a rundown of my life lately....
So the semester is about to be in full swing. even though there's always something going on on campus, the last of the welcome back week activities are coming up this week and next. but on top of all that, with work, my classes, and being the prez of my club AND working out faithfully sleep is looking like it just may be a necessity. There is another venture, which i'd rather not divulge, that i may or may not do because of my financial situation. i may have to weigh my options extremely carefully before i make a decision on that.
everyone wants to know who is Angel Pagan, because he keeps getting mentioned and i say his name so well in real life.
If i knew how to speak spanish well, i'd be saying alot right now.
Cane's gonna hate this.......

OKAY thats enough
Luvin' C*

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