September 17, 2011


Hey world and to those who still even look at my blog, welcome.
I been back after 5 days. this week and the rest of the semester is going to be long.
after a week filled of meetings and classes,  work, group work stuff, events, and working eyes are exhausted. i'm at work now trying my best not to lay out on this table and knock out, but i have a lot to do so ima try and get it done while i can because ill be crazy busy tomorrow.
and why is that?
Im moving.
yet again
im finally (after 3 weeks) gettig out of my aunt basement and into an actual apartment. my popz friend hooked me up and im moving on up. i will have a roommate. my pop said shes young but she's probably the same age as my momz soooooo i dont understand why he thought i would "make friends" with this woman. ill be nice and respectful but thanx. ill pass.
anyways, i guess i should get back to some kind of work im supposed to be doing.
Luvin' C*

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