September 24, 2011

Wassss Hannen Playa

I been lost in action.
This week has been hectic, as any other week is.
I honestly dont know where to begin.
Lets start with my car.
it is now a death trap.
i told my dad that it has been making sounds for the last two weeks now and when i went home last week and asked him to check on it, he claims he didnt hear anything wrong. now today, saturday, i get in my car to go to work but i realized hooptie is partially dead because the right front tire is flat. SOOOOOO me being the gangsta i am, i attempted to change it myself but i didnt have a jack so i had to wait on my popz friend to come and hook me up.
NOW, this man supposedly lives 5 minutes away but it took him damn near an hour to get to me. he said he didnt realize it was me  and thought it was my dad who needed help so he took his time.....
my pop can change his own tire!!!!!!
antiwho, it turns out my tire had a bubble in it=grounds for it to bust while im driving
theres a bolt thats worn and can basically give way at any moment=grounds for my tire to fly off my car
basically if you dont hear from me in the next couple of days it'll probably be because im in a hospital from a car accident.
Hopefully it doesnt come to that and ill be alive to post
but as of right now, im just tryna get this work INNNNNNN and done.
i am kinda behind right now because my profs are so lax and chill i feel like i dont have to do work.
But i will and im gonna get on top of it.
Starting Now.

Peace and Love and Pray for me because as of right now, everything that can go wrong for me, has been.
Luvin' C*

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