September 18, 2011

End of Moving Day

I am tired
Today started off nice.....the sun was out, i was packed and ready to head out to Plainfield....
BUT not so early!!!!
i was awoken by my pop telin me to meet him where he's working at an Iselin so i can pick up the keys to the place. Okay, Kool, i can do that. So i get to where i'm supposed to be and my pop is no where to be found. i can his phone to no avail (not surprised). so i hit up mama duke b/c he always picks up for her. While i was sitting watching Iselin vs Edison Pee-wee football i get a call from my momz saying my pop is in Avenel!!!!!!!
Are you kidding me!!!!!
I dont even know where Avenel is!!!!!
So my pop tries to direct me and says to take Route 1 South when in actuality i should be taking Route 1 North......and just as i suspected, i googled the directions via my smart phone and had realized i wasted about 10 minutes driving in the wrong direction
Antiwho, i finally got to where i needed to be, got the keys....went to my uncles house in Perth Amboy to pick some of my mail then headed out to Plainfield, or i thought i was......
I got lost tryna get back on the highway and when i tried to get back to where i started, a motorcade of motorcycles
just came and took over new jersey. i was seriously at a stand still for about 45 minutes while these bikes took up 2 lanes in one direction.
Granted i love motorcycles, i jsut wish i was on one of them.
But they were riding for a great cause.
Our Troops.
i finally got to the place in Plainfield and go my avail while i was vacuuming, i had a nice little surprise....
a mouse.
and damn near flat.
i said "Oh My God" about 20 times. then turned around and walked out.
i had a headache and it was hot and mousy wasnt helping one bit
(and to add the person who had the room before was a heavy ass smoker, the room wreeked)
PLUS i went to open the window and that thing broke
another no surprise.
After all that mess, i waited for my pop in my car. i need some fresh air and that was the only logical place for it.
He came and took care of all that hoopla and i just tried not to snap on anybody.
Well we sort of finished cleaning the room. i didnt leave all my stuff there b/c i didnt want the smell of cigarette smoke in my clothes.
I ended up comin to Pa for the night and to retrieve some things to make my room homey and smell great.
Hopefully it'll work
Luvin' C*

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