November 17, 2011

New Found Energy

So these last couple weeks, i've been really bipolar. i think i may diagnose myself with it because my moods have been on and off the wall lately. and today is one of those high days for me, so i'll post.
You see, i am a college student....and i'm a senior sooooo senioritis and procrastination has gotten the best of me in my next to last semester as an undergrad. I've had no motivation to anything but sleep and sleep....not even work out.
but today, i realized something....
an epiphany of sorts.....
since yesterday, i've been having a bad feeling something horrible is going to happen to me.
But i dont know what it is but i haven't been feeling right so i didn't even go to class which is a first because i take my eductaion very seriously but i was so scared of what might happen on my way home while driving late, i just left at 2:30 after my shift. I went home and slept.
until about 8:45pm....
Do the math people, that's alot of time in bed for one day when i could've gotten half of all the last minute assignments i have due by the end of the semester done.
Then today, i thought to myself
"Self, you are being ridonculous!!!! how are you gonna let this Thought hinder what you do??? Life does go on and the only one that controls your destiny is Your Higher Being, and He got you. So dont worry, Just Do It.
And Be Great Like You're Supposed To Be."
That is how the conversation to myself went. Everyone needs that self motivation sometimes and right now, i think i need it more than ever.
PLUS it doesnt hurt that i got Thee best hug from Thee best Hugger Ever,
Mr. Sherrod.
Marva calls his hugs sensual
and we talked for a little and he assured me everything does happen for a reason and everything will eventually work its way out
Yo i'm in a good place right now, i could use a vacation, but im in a good place.
And slowly but surely Autumn is becoming my favorite season
Be Koo and Stay Warm Folks
Luvin' C*
&What Nike Say......

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