November 19, 2011


WISO at Seton Hall

Bowling at Jersey Lanes
Cuddyer is I

Marvelous Marva :)

Ya Ya not so happy.....

I look worn out but i truly had all the energy in the world :)

Totally missed the silly face memo

Ultimate Margarita on the Rox at Friday's.....

The last couple days been real right so i am taking it all in.
One day at a time.
Last night i went bowling with my ladies and had a grand ole time
it was my second time ever and so the barriers came up!!!! the first ball i bowled went into the gutter so something HAD to be done and it was. I ended up winning both games but over time, my ball didnt need the barrier thingy. I actually even got a strike, if i can recall correctly.....which i cant.
Thugs be in the bowling alley, Heavy.
I dont mean to call them that, but i call it how i saw it, and thats what i saw, so thats what it was.
They were watching us from the time we got in the place but didnt speak, but as soon as we decide to leave (which was about 20 or 30 minutes after them), and we walking to our vehicles, These Guys wanna be posted in the parking lot acting like kats act.
"hey ma, where ya'll goin? You wanna get a game in with us?"
blah blah blah
No boo, you should've opened your mouth before yous left the building instead of stalling and wasting time, waiting on us to talk to yous.
Man up.
DISCLAIMER: If you want me, imma make you work and the first job is actually approaching me.
Googly eyes do not count.
After that fiasco, we headed on over to Friday's for half-off appetizers and drinks and we did the damn thang.
I love fun nights like that.
and today, i volunteered at the Foodbank of NJ in Hillside, yet again.....
Watching Kean football go undefeated and win some other championship.....
working later.....
watching my CANES do the business....
going to a wine tasting for charity with a "special friend".....
i'm good
Hope everyone's weekend is as eventful as mine
Luvin' C*

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Carrymel said...

Ultimate Margarita ='s WINNING! Always, always, always.

Looks like you had fun! :D