November 20, 2011

Where I would love to live.....

I wouldn't mind spending my days waking up to my man in a Small Big City.
What is a small big city you ask?
Imma tell you.
Its considered a city because of all it has to offer but its relatively small.
Like Washington DC.
Its a city, but its not that big.
Apparently everyone knows each other down that way, and i like that closeness.
PLUS its a city, so you'd never (hopefully) get bored.
i def woudnt mind it at all because i've lived in places that are in-between....
they try to be cities but dont quite cut it so i would like to stay in an actual city....
Or Toronto
and its cleaner up there
And they have universal healthcare
BUT everything is a wee bit more expensive
sad face.
Another But...
I can actually drive in that city.
im not scared to leave my car parked on the street.
BUT when it gets cold, its considered freezing.
well, at least my thousands of scarves will come in handy.
I should be called the Scarf Queen.
plus i love T.Dot and Drizzy is from there.
Another reason i would move to any one of these cities is because i have connections. I have family in the DMV area and my pop knows just about every Dominican living in Toronto so its not like i would be moving somewhere totally foreign.
*please note: i think i seen this guy the last time i was out there*
That is my 2 cents for today considering my Jets lost to Denver.
Why do they do this to me?
Me na know.
Luvin' C*
&all this work i am not getting done

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