November 26, 2011

Zam Ma

I have been saying for Thee longest while that i am going to chop my hair off because i am tired of it.
so i did it.
Today November 26, 2011.
I came back from Pa to work at school
and my homegirl Marva gave me a place to go to to do it and get it over with.
i was gonna do it on Friday, then realized i might not make it to then so what the heck.
you only live once right.

 i had them put a rinse in it and closed my eyes while she cut away.
I was honestly terrified because i knew what i wanted, but i knew i wasnt gonna get it because i dont have a lot of hair, so this will have to suffice and I LOVE IT.
*breathes sigh of relief*
Im happy with it because its something i've never done before and its crazy drastic and totally unexpected.
My momz hasnt seen it yet. i told her i was gonna go to a salon some time this week but she thought i was going for a typical doobie.
its time to switch it up and i did, and im glad.
Speaking of my momz, Thursday was Thanksgiving and I took my behind to Easton, Pa to rock with mi familia. My mom cooked, my sister worked the Easton/P'Burg football game (which Easton took, as always), my pop&brother were no where to be found when it came time to make store runs
So i was planted in the grocery store, basically.
BUT i did get to watch some football, a little bit of basketball, Fast Five (which is sooooo dammmnnnn good) and Rio.
I was also the designated food taster
if you haven't heard, that is the best job known to man.
i made sure all the dishes were safe for everyone else to eat.
i am the best.
 Gee and Cane making biscuits
 My Mum, the ultimate chef

 WOY!!!!! Watch food!!!!!
NOTE: we fry our turkey and my uncle brought the turkey fryer too late, so we started w/o the bird.
Trust and believe he still tasted good though

My plate.
This was the only plate i had because i was testing food all day
Black Friday does not pertain to me
I hope everyone had a safe and eventful Thanksgiving and black friday

Luvin' C*

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