December 10, 2011

For Word Tho

My bladder is seriously doing something else.
Im at work with no one here and i  need to pee all the time.
But anywho, i need to shop but i am soooo broke, its not even funny and my car is making a new sound that i do not like so i def gotta get that taken care of......
its finals time and now i although i should be studying, i am not. i would rather be on tumblr and blogger updating my sh*t.
While browsing tumblr, i came across a young lady's page that loves to dance. i've always wanted to dance, in a studio, with steps, and actually know what i was doing. when my sis and i were younger, we were into gymnastics, and i liked dance to some degree, but our parents never put us in it. then we got older, maybe 12,13, or 14 and we really got into basketball so dance for me, wasnt even a thought. i was a tomboy. i equated dance with cheerleading, and i hated cheerleading.  and i know exactly why: i always equated it with  girls wanting to get a guy's attention and looking good for a guy. to me, i didnt need that validation, and i guess that's why i stuck with basketball and track for a while. but now that i am older, i still run whenever i can but i would  love to dance. my group (west indian culture club) started a lil dance team thingy, had a couple practices, and i realized how much muscles you're actually working when you dance. i had never been so sore  from not actually playing a physical sport, it was just dancing, choreographed steps, and it truly kicked my ass, and i frickin liked it.
but since i am the broke college student i am, taking classes are not going to happen no time soon, so i will have to suffice to youtube and my little bedroom
Luvin' C*

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