December 5, 2011

Christmas List

I haven't made a Christmas List in years because i was content with my parents just giving me money. Now i finally realized that the $150 i get every christmas does not amount to how much stuff i could get and be worth way i decided on what i wanted. 

1. Vera Wang's Princess perfume. I got it for my birthday a couple years ago and loved it.
2. Big Bang Theory DVD set
I need something to hold me over while i have no television to watch and this show will always be funny as hell.
3. H&M gift card as well as a Barnes&Noble gift card. 
I dont ask for much because my parents are paying for my living expenses and education which are pretty hefty so i dont need too much.

Welp, thats all i want for christmas this year. i see people lists be all types of extra and ridiculous for no reason. some people dont even deserve some of the expensive ass gifts they parents give to them. and when i say deserve, i mean they dont appreciate anything......
Luvin' C*

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