January 25, 2012

The Day

wassup, wassup folks.
I am currently in bed at 7:11pm.
I just woke up from my nap and munching on Wheat Thins and listening to Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger"
I been busy, but its what i asked for. Wednesdays are gonna be my day to relax and catch up on anything i need to do....so today, i caught up on sleep.
and now that i am somewhat re-energized ill be monitoring my emails, texting my momz, eating wheat thins, drinking cranberry juice, and reading my life away, which is perfect because thats what my nap was for after riding what felt like an eternity on the bike in the gym....
thats what gets me tired.
working out.
but i gotta do it
Luvin' C*

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