January 28, 2012

The Inspection

Green Hornet did not pass inspection.
Just as I thought.
Because of the thing that's making it shake.
Smitty, the guy that inspects my car, called me and told me about what i been telling my pop for the last five months.....my car is going to be virtually undriveable if i dont get it fixed.
of course they tried to charge me about $500 to do it and i said.....ehhhh, na.
so my weekend in PA was cut short because i had to come back to the hood in Jersey to get it fixed.
it took about ohhhh all day, and i had my little big brother with me too (i say this b/c he complains alot). luckily, we just slept and watched CAA bball all day, then headed to IHOP and now we're at my television-less place waiting for my pop to come pick this kat up.
Well i know now that hooptie is fixed and i am tired from eating belgium waffles, eggs, bacon, OJ, mozzi sticks, and chicken fingers.

Peace and Love

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Carrymel said...

Ok but on the PLUS side - you went to iHop! iHop=an automatic win in my book...yes? lol :)