January 15, 2012

The Roommate

Yes I know there is a movie with this title and i swear, my roommate is not as crazy as that broad....
BUT she is pushing my buttons.
SOOOOO i am off of school for a month, and that break is slowly but surely coming to an end. I have been in good ol' Easton, Pa for the last 4 or 5 weeks and i had to head back to jersey to work a couple days on campus, so i stayed at my place in the hood b/c hooptie has been under a great deal of stress and i like to sleep.... 
Now, my roommate, i dont see too often, but it seems like wherever i live with another person, i never see them. seriously, this woman almost always asks me my name whenever she sees me which is once in a blue moon.
but antiwho, i worked on campus this past thursday and friday. thursday nite, i get to my spot, and as soon as i walk in the joint, i see she been using my sh*t!!!!!
My pot
My plate
My jog thingy that i put water/liquids in that i use for the day....
I think she thought i wasnt coming back and decided to use whatever i had like she dont got enough things taking over the apartment. So me being me, i took all my stuff that was in plain view, including my toilet paper, and put it where it belong.....in my damn possession.
Next was the fridge....my pop brought my sisi's fridge for me to use because i always complain how this woman basically left me absolutely no space to put anything. lucky he did that, b/c when i went in the communal fridge, majority of my ish had been thrown out to accommodate her meals for what seemed for a damn eternity!!!! all i had in there was one vanilla ensure and a jug of fruit punch that hadn't been opened yet.
I grabbed that, and placed it in the fridge in my room.
She whylin'
I do not care who you are, if you did not purchase it AND did not ask my permission to use/touch it, exactly why are you doing any of the above????
My brother's even know better than that.
enlighten me!!!!
Legit, this woman has enough things to fill a house!!!! Why is she in a little two bedroom apartment????
Me naw know
AND my jug is stained for life due to whatever nasty concoction of a drink she conjures up every so often.
as far as i'm concerned, she can have it.
I know i sound evil right now, but it had to be known....besides i always write about my "roommate troubles". its funny when i read back on my little captions as to how i was feeling at a certain point in time 
But seriously, i hope she reads this and not touch or try to look at, any of my possessions again before i give her another good talking to.
Luvin' C*

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