February 26, 2012

Cleaned Up

Hey blog.
I know i haven't been writing on here as much, and videos are becoming my thing but i'm gonna let my mind wonder today...Mmmkay
So as of lately i been doing the same ol', same ol'.....school, meetings, work, gym....I really dont have time for anything else but sleep after all that.
and this life is boring. lol.
 i took my GRE's last week and finished applying to grad schools (Kean, The U, and Rhode Island College).
 Fun stuff right 
I keep telling myself, it'll all pay off in the end, but damn, i need to have some sort of fun....
At least once a month.
im pathetic, i know.
My friend says i need a boyfriend this very moment.
someone i can vent to, someone that can take me out after a long stress-filled week, and overall have a bestie of the opposite sex that loves women just to keep myself from going over the edge and keep me even more occupied as well as give me massages and good lovin'
Where is this man at?
Welp, my time for now is up b/c i have to hit the road to head to work.
i hope everyone's life is more eventful than mine and you're enjoying this beautiful, holy Sunday
Luvin' C*
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