March 1, 2012


I just heard the version with c.breezy on it.....
music is music.
well, hello there folks.
Im here.
alive and totally engulfed in my bed right now.
I feel like i live for two things: breakfast and hitting the sheets after a lonnnnngggggg day.
I take great pride in knowing these two things will always make me happy and excited
As of write now, i'm blogging and checking emails.
My brain is too fried to put on music at this stage in the game.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will always be the death of me but as long as i have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.....Im loving it. Well i technically dont have those days "off" but im not a schedule.
my days usually incorporate class, work, meetings, reading the depressing ass news, a variation of studying, eating, sometimes napping (yes, even on campus), and working out.
as of late, my workouts have been going INNNN on me lol but it must be done. not just for a "summer body" but because it is a lifestyle and i wanna be around for 
and ever 
and everer.
everyone says i need a boyfriend OR
i need to relax, take a break, and go out.
Ill take going out for $1,000.
My sisi from anotha is having a birthday celebration on saturday nite and i may go but my blood sisi may not
teary face b/c i may have nothing to wear if my relfection doesnt bring the closet of newly online ordered clothes she bought these last couple of months.
eh we'll see how that goes
Luvin' C*

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