February 15, 2012

Lin-In It

Totally Just kidding.
Ok so Jeremy Lin is making moves for the New York Knicks....WELLLLLL somebody gotta step up for every other super star on that team......
Thats my two cents about that.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I'm not bitter about "the holiday", i just dont believe in it. If i had a man, I would Expect him to do something for That Specific Day. Only because the calender tells men to. I would love for my man to do something special when he's not supposed to or expected to do so. I hate waiting for a special occasion Just to get chocolates and flowers and such.
Who came up with that holiday?
Ok so according to me research,  it came about to honor one or more early Christian martyrs, Valentinus. One Pope put it in the calender, then another later deleted it, and now its back.....
It was nice as a young buck in elementary school but now that i am in college and i see people Still acting like they're in elementary school over one of the most economy-stimulating days of the year.
eh, i'll pass.
I didnt spend any money and no one spent money on me and i prefer it that way.
Its not in my budget.
I although did get a couple texts late in the night saying happy valentine's day and blah blah blah.

Luvin' C*

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Carrymel said...

Linsanityyy! :D

I saw something in the paper the other day for V-day and it said "Happy VaLINtines Day" with a picture of him. I thought it was cute.