February 5, 2012

The Day

Its Super Bowl Sunday as probably everyone already knows.
Im not too excited to watch this sporting event because it does not feature the Jets, my team.
But i'll watch only because there are Miami Hurricane representaz on every NFL team......
Im at work now, but at 7, Ill be at my cuzzo-Ghan-house to watch the game and enjoy the festivities he has for everyone to enjoy. 
I've literally been asleep and studying all weekend.
Hooptie isnt shaking as bad as it once was, so im satisfied.
my friday nite usually consists of me disconnecting.
But im actually talking to this young gentleman that goes to William Paterson University and is 23 y.o.
Now, if anyone knows me, they'll know this is highly unusual because i like men. and by men, i mean 25-30 y.o. and he is not. Its still kind of weird to me that i am talking to someone so young but hey, im taking a chance i guess. AND everyone knows how else i like my mens......slim and athletic....this guy is neither but hes working on it and i appreciate that. im not one to change folk, but "upgrade" sounds a bit better :)
well, his personality is to die for and he's loyal plus he loves that i love sports. he actually thinks its kinda scary how much i know about men's games and such.....because i might know a little more than he does or the average young lady.
Antiwho, he is overall a great person and we'll see how this turns out. apparently his family already wants to meet me.
Luvin' C*
&my job.

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