March 30, 2012

Coming To An End

Well well well
My undergraduate career is slowly but surely coming to an end. Applied for graduation, ordered my cap&gown, took my senior portraits, finished applying to grad schools, and now debating whether or not i want to go to senior formal....
someone asks me if i'm going to that shindig. i'm not sure i want to go because its basically high school prom on an upscale level....which would be fun if i didnt go to prom...but i did....
thinking and debating.
Plus everything costs money and Kean sure does know how to extort green outta folk.
And i would like to have an actual date for this little extravaganza. 
I already have someone in mind, but we just started talking and i think its too soon.
but we'll see how the cookie crumbles.
Luvin' C*

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